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Preserving blue and green spaces is creating a healthy environment for future generations. With your donation, you help us meet our goal of preserving the conservation areas southwest of Mexico City

Water for Xochimilco

It seeks to improve the quality of water in the Chinampa area, make water use more efficient, and encourage rainwater harvesting.

Goal: Install 6 rainwater harvesting systems, 4 eco-toilets, and 6 water filters

Rescuing of the Chinampas

Working in the chinampas means hard work, requires perseverance and involves cleaning canals, attending the banks of the chinampas, soil recovery, pruning and reforesting Ahuejote, not using pesticides and taking care of customers

Goal: 5 volunteer days to help producers from Xochimilco and San Gregorio Atlapulco

Creating capabilities

REDES A.C. offers training to producers in agroecological cultivation techniques, installation of eco-technologies, administration, marketing, biological pest control, etc. We want to reach more farmers and promote faster development

Goal: To train 100 producers

A house for axolotl

The axolotl is in danger of extinction. In REDES we carry out research to rehabilitate its habitat involving farmers

An awareness campaign for axolotl conservation, lasting 3 months. Habitat maintenance and monitoring of axolotl development for 6 months

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