Seeing Xochimilco with different eyes

We are an institution dedicated to improving the relationship between society and nature through ecological conservation and restoration programs and projects linked to social development under joint actions between the community, civil organizations, and academic institutions.

Redes AC was born in 2007 to addressing the problems surrounding the extinction of the Xochimilco Axolotl from a socio-environmental perspective. Axolotl and farmers need each other to survive, knowing how is essential and facilitating that process, is part of our job

Currently, our areas of action are: work with the community, scientific research, outreach, environmental rehabilitation, promote short marketing chains, sustainable agriculture, and tourism, installation of eco-technologies, and create alliances between producers, academia, government, and society in general.

Philosophy: We believe that human-nature interaction is obligatory and permanent. To achieve the sustainable management of natural resources, it is necessary to learn to use them in a conscious and responsible way. We conceive the restoration, conservation, and management of natural resources as a network of interrelationships and synergies between all sectors of society.

Mission: Link and articulate scientific and traditional knowledges to foster harmonious and meaningful relationships between society and the environment.

Vision: To be an organization recognized for contributing to the sustainability of social-ecological systems through the design and implementation of capacity building programs based on scientific knowledge.

Values: teamwork and collaboration, trust, education, transparency, equality, equity, social and environmental responsibility, effective communication, and non-discrimination.

Grantee authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts. Authorization No. 600-04-05-2010-69885

Registered in the Federal Register of Civil Society Organizations.

With DUNN and SAM authorization for international organizations in the United States of America

Our Team

Operative team

MSc Elsa Valiente Riveros
Managing Director

With ScM in Biological sciences oriented to ecological restoration. To her preserving Xochimilco represents the water and food security of Mexico City, therefore, she firmly believes in collective work to achieve fundamental changes. Each project is a challenge that leads to new ideas, proposals, and actions, which we carry out in an enthusiastic and responsible team effort. My role is the management and operational coordination of projects.

Erika Rodríguez Flores B.Sc

I´m a biologist by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Since 2013, I´ve been working in Redes. During this time, I´ve been involved in different projects monitoring water quality, soil and biodiversity using participatory methods. I´ve worked with farmers also known as “chinamperos” from Xochimilco and San Gregorio Atlapulco, to improve their agricultural area under sustainability management. Currently, I´m in charge of the visitors to our didactic area "The chinampa Apantle”, where we show the importance and the beauty of the wetland and also the ancient agricultural system. I love travelling and my passion is the amazing salamander that lives only on this part of the world, the Axolotl!!.

MSc Jannice Alvarado Velázquez
Socio-ecological systems analyst

PhD student in Sustainability Sciences at UNAM. Since 2015 I have collaborated with REDES carrying out statistical and spatial analyzes, in participatory processes and citizen science projects. I am currently analyzing data generated in the project "Participatory water management in San Mateo Xalpa and San Gregorio Atlapulco, Xochimilco". Within the professional field, I am interested in socio-environmental initiatives that boost people's capacities to improve their environment.

MSc Erick Hjort
Project Coordinator

I have a bachelor degree in biology and a master degree in limnology. I have always been interested in exploring and analyzing the complex nature-society relationships, including its paradoxes and inconsistencies. I like to think and propose risky solutions that can respond to some of the environmental problems. I enjoy working with people, I like learning new things, exchanging opinions and points of view in order to develop a more global vision with every iteration.

M. en A.I.A. Ximena Aide Mendoza Correa
Project Coordinator

My professional background is in international trade and environmental administration. I am currently coordinating the participatory water management project in San Mateo Xalpa and San Gregorio Atlapulco, Xochimilco. I really enjoy dealing with the producers and learning from them, I love food and travels. I believe that economic development and care for nature shouldn’t be separated.

Alejandra Soriano

My name is Alejandra Soriano Sánchez and I studied planning for agricultural development at UNAM. I am currently studying Business Relationships at the IPN. I have collaborated in the chinampa Apantle, cultivating vegetables, weeding, supporting them with school groups and other activities.

Board of Directors and Founding Partners

Dr. Alonso Aguilar Ibarra
Institute for Economic Research, UNAM

Researcher at Institute for Economics Research (IIEC, UNAM). His research focus on economics and environment issues. Currently, he is the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Sustainability Sciences at UNAM. "I admire the work and enthusiasm of REDES team because they are looking for concrete proposals to improve society-nature relationship."

Dr. Alejandro von Bertrab
GIZ Germany

He works as an analyst on social perspectives on the environment, conflict risk analysis and sustainable livelihoods.

MSc Elsa Valiente Riveros

With extensive experience in the institutional and academic field, she has served as executive director of REDES A.C., from 2007 to date.

Scientific Advisory Council

PhD candidate Lakshmi Charli-Joseph

National Laboratory for Sustainability Sciences (LANCIS), Institute of Ecology, UNAM BSc in Biology (UNAM), two MSc degrees in environmental planning and management (UAX; IHE-Delft), and PhD candidate (UNAM) with the project "Promoting transformative pathways to sustainability through collective agency: The Transformation Laboratory in the social-ecological system of Xochimilco ”. Experienced in capacity building projects related to wetland management, water governance and sustainability science. Currently working at LANCIS-IE, UNAM on research projects focused on the design and facilitation of participatory processes that promote transformations towards sustainability in Mexico.


Dra. Claudia Ponce De León

Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM

Dra. Marisa Mazari

LANCIS, Instituto de Ecología, UNAM

Dr. Diego Chaparro Herrera

Facultad de Estudios Superiores de Iztacala, UNAM

Dra. Mariana BenÍtez,

LANCIS, Instituto de Ecología, UNAM

M. en C. Patricia Pérez Belmont

M. en C. Beatriz Ruizpalacios

Isla Urbana, A.C.

Ing. Laura Ruiz Ponce

Chef Beatriz Calderón


Alacena Bistró. Grupo Garufa.

Ing. Rodolfo Salinas

Casa de Cultura de San Gregorio

Sra. Otoka Moriwaki


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